Pets for Lending

"Pea Chia"

How to Obtain the Avatar(s):
To get the Super Attack Pea! avatar, you need to equip a Super Attack Pea to a Pea Chia.

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Extra Information about Joining this Chain:
Pea lending works differently from ordinary pet lending. As you will need both a Pea Chia and a Super Attack Pea to gain the avatar, we organise for one of our Peas to spend up to a month with you, while you try to find someone to lend you a Super Attack Pea (est. value = 1 billion NP). Even if you do not manage to find a lender in your month, you must send the Chia on to the next person. You are then welcome to ask to borrow again for another period at a later date though. Normal pet lending rules and requirements will still apply for those wishing to borrow a Pea.

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