Item Lending Rules

When requesting to borrow items from us here at TDN ALP, we have a few conditions that you need to agree to before you can submit your application.

  1. We reserve the right to not lend to any user if you don't meet our requirements. Please understand that "no" means no :( We will always give a reason, if for some reason we cannot lend to you. You will be given the opportunity to reapply once you have fulfilled that requirement.

  2. Due to the number of items that have been accidentally lost recently and/or not returned, we can no longer offer lends for reduced collateral. The full value of the lend must be provided either in NP or a combination of NP and items, as we can no longer afford to keep replacing items that aren't returned if we're not able to collect their full value in collateral.

  3. The ALP accepts both pure NP and ETS (easy-to-sell) items as collateral. We prefer not to accept HTS (hard-to-sell) items as collateral, but you may discuss that with us further if they are all you have. Keep in mind, the Trading Post limit is 10 items plus 2,000,000 NP. All collateral must be able to fit in one trade or one auction for pure only. We do not do split trades or split auctions.

  4. Please be coherent when applying for a lend. Don't use 1337-speak, as cool as it may seem. It is not. You'll explode our poor brains and we won't be able to lend to anyone anymore D:

  5. On that note, please keep in mind that we are an English site and our lenders are all English speakers. We do try to accommodate all people seeking lends, but if we need to use Google Translate to reply to you, don't be surprised if our replies are extremely short or a strangely worded :)

  6. Before you apply for a lend, please be sure we can contact you with the information you give. Make sure you are able to receive neomails (check if you have your messages set to Neofriends only) OR provide us with another means to contact you that you check regularly (a TDN forums display name would qualify as an alternative contact). If a user is under 13, they cannot receive neomails without parental permission (parents sending in a form) and so we cannot contact you through Neopets. If you don't hear back from us, 99.9% of the time it's because we were unable to contact you due to your neomail settings or your inbox being full.

  7. In the event of an item being stolen (through a Random Event), you will be held liable - collateral will not be returned.

  8. Some items (particularly the larger value items like FQD, ZDAP, etc) often have waiting lists, as we get more requests for particular items than we do for others. Please be patient while waiting for an ALP staff member to contact you - we go in order of request submission, and we lend as fast as we can, promise!

  9. Please only send in one request at a time - wait until you have fully completed the lend for that item and it has been returned to the lender before you ask for a different one. This is to give everyone an equal chance to borrow items and to try and keep our waiting lists small. This rule is broken more often than any other, and we do keep track of all rule breaks, so please do not send in multiple requests at once.

If you are curious about the process of lending and how to apply, please see our Item Lending Procedure page.

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