About Our Battle Pet!

Recently, The Daily Neopets' Avatar Lending Program has acquired a trained battle pet to join our lending chains. Please read this page carefully as it contains important information you need to know before you can apply and be accepted for a lend.

I would like to introduce you to Matilde the Green JubJub. He is very excited to help out some friendly Neopians in the Battledome. Matilde was given to us by a generous Neopian who trained him at the Training Schools. Here are a few rules you'll need to follow if you wish to borrow Matilde.

Current Stats
Level: 101
Strength: 127
Defense: 75
Movement: 35
Health Points: 209

  • Minimum of 150 posts on our forums with minimal moderator comments. Spamming to get to these posts will be an automatic rejection.
  • No using the lab ray with Matilde!
  • You may train him at the Mystery Island Training School if you wish.
  • We have a selection of weapons available to lend along with Matilde for full collateral. You will need to request these in your application and state what you have in collateral.
  • Please do not change his species or colour!
  • Lends will be arranged for 2 weeks. If you need more time we will extend it on a weekly basis if you keep in contact with us. Failure to keep us informed of your progress will result in you becoming banned from all future ALP Pet lends. Replacing a battle pet is not easy and something we very much wish to avoid.
  • Have fun in the Battledome!

As mentioned above, Matilde has a few weapons that can be borrowed along with him. You may choose only the weapons from the list you want and not have to borrow all of them. However, it is recommended that you provide your own battle set. We have decided to lend a rather basic set for those who may be new or not interested in the Battledome and only wish to obtain the avatars. When your application for Matilde has been approved, we will arrange a trade lot where you can offer your collateral on the weapons you wish to borrow. Upon sending him home, you'll need to set up a trade lot with the weapons you borrowed and your collateral will be returned to you.


Obsidian Dagger
Attack500 NP

Sun and Moon Chakram
Attack20,000 NP

Turned Tooth
Attack60,000 NP

Golden Compass
Dual Duty25,000 NP

Parasol of Unfortunate Demise
Shield400 NP

Lucky Robots Foot
Healer8,000 NP

Defense4,000 NP
Total Collateral117,900 NP

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