Item Lending Procedure

Are you confused as to how the Avatar Lending Program at TDN works? Well this is the tutorial for you. Here you will learn how to borrow items from the Avatar Lending Program ("ALP") and gain a new avatar, all without spending a single Neopoint!

NOTE: Read the Item Lending Rules completely before applying for an item. You will be asked to confirm you understand and agree to them before you can send in an application.

Common Terms

We will be using some common words or abbreviations to save time when you contact us. So here are just the most common ones. If we use any you don't see here, visit our Acronyms and Terms page to try and find it there.

  • Collat or Collateral - Neopoints or items used to secure a deal. Basically, a deposit you will get back when we get our item back.
  • "Pure or ETS" - Stands for "Neopoints or Easy To Sell". Your collateral can be in "Pure" Neopoints (only Neopoints), "ETS" Items (items which are easy to sell, such as paintbrushes) or a mixture of the two.
  • TDNForums Display Name - Your visible name on the TDN Forums. (Not to be confused with your myTDN account display name!).
  • "In the trades" - A trade has been set up at the Trading Post - a link will be included.

Choosing an Avatar

If you've found the ALP, you no doubt have an avatar in mind. But there are a couple of places you can check if we have the item you would like to borrow avaliable:

  1. Using the Avaliable for Lending section
    If you're looking for inspiration or just want to see what we offer, this section is the ideal place to look. On that page is a list of all the things we lend, titled by the avatar name. Click the link to see more about the avatar including a picture, what you need to borrow and the full collateral. Make sure you check this out before sending a request to us.
  2. Using the Avatar Solution section
    Here you will find a list of all possible avatars. Clicking the "Item Avatars" link on the navigation will lead to you to a list of avatars for which items are used to obtain them. Clicking any avatar will open up a pop-up showing you how to get the avatar, along with an "Available for Avatar Lending?" line. If it says "Yes", we offer this item for lend and a link will be in the Notes.

The Process

Now you know what item you want to borrow, it's time to get in contact with us. To request a lend, visit our requesting ticket system, select the item you want and fill out your application. The most important thing here is to include what your collat is (pure, items, or mixture) and any information you think would help you get lent. We always appreciate nice and polite people, too!

You should then receive a Neomail from one of the ALP staff once we see your request, either asking for more information or giving you instructions for the lend if there were no issues in your app. Occasionally, there are waiting lists for an item. If that is the case, it might be a few days before you receive a Neomail from us, but we will get to you as soon as we can!

Once the trade has been set up for you, offer on it and wait for the staff member you're borrowing from to accept your offer. This shouldn't be too long after you offered, but can take some time (especially if you are in a different timezone than us.) If there are any problems, we will Neomail you. You now have the item in your inventory. Make sure you don't trade it, sell it, donate it or generally lose it as you will not get your collateral back.

Now do what ever you need to do to get the avatar. You will know you have the avatar when you see the "Something Has Happened" message for your avatar. Some avatars require a lot of refreshing; here there is an elevated chance of a random event stealing your item. Make sure your inventory is full up if you are trying for any avatar involving refreshing.

When you have the avatar, put the item back into the trades. Send the staff member who lent you a Neomail telling them that you have the avatar and that the item's now back in the trades so we know you're done with it. That way, you will get your collateral back as quickly as possible. Eventually, you will get an offer from the same account you traded with before. Only accept this offer and nobody else's. Double check the offer has your collateral in it before you click accept (we do occasionally make mistakes!) If there are any problems, reject the trade and Neomail the lender. It's an honest mistake if it is, and we want to make sure you get your collat back.

Once you accept, you will instantly have your collateral back, ready for you to use it however you please. That, along with a fresh bundle of pixels to show of to your Neofriends. Neat, huh? You didn't even have to go and spend your own money!

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