Join a Pet Chain

When requesting to join TDN's pet lending chains, we have a few conditions that you need to agree to before you can submit your application.

  1. You are expected to be familiar with the process of chain lending - please read through our Pet Chain Lending Procedure page before you apply.
  2. As no collateral can be accepted for pets, whether or not an individual is lent a pet is based purely on trust.
  3. You must have an account on TDN Forums to apply for these chains. We take your post count there, as well as your current avatar count on Neopets, to help us decide if we want to lend to you. People with under 25 posts OR under 150 avatars will be automatically rejected for pet lending. Once you pass those targets, its a balance of the two factors - a higher avatar count can offset a low post count and vice versa. For example, to be lent with a base post count of 25 you will need to have over 200 avatars already unlocked.
  4. Additionally, your Neopets account must be at least 4 months old. This is Neopets' rule, rather than ours specifically, as your account must be that old before you can use the transfer function.
  5. 'Vouches' are illegitimate unless the voucher is a well known member of TDN.
  6. We do take your forums warn level into account when you apply to join a chain; if your warn level is raised it is very unlikely that you will be approved for pet lending.
  7. While the basis of pet lending is free, fees imposed by the Neopian Pound (1,000 NP to transfer and varied amounts to adopt) are to paid by the prospective lendees.
  8. As always, final decisions are made by the owners of the ALP. Arguing with the decision of a staff member will not increase chances of borrowing a pet.

If you agree to these terms, click below to be taken to the form to request your lend!

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