The Avatar Lending Program, or ALP, is The Daily Neopets' signature lending service to help our members get new avatars! We currently lend almost all the item avatars. On the pet front, we run chain lends for every pet, petpet, and petpetpet avatar.

Get ahead and read over our policies, then request the item or pet you wish!

ATTENTION — The ALP team would like to remind you to ensure we can contact you when you apply for a lend. If your inbox is full, your neomail is sent to Neofriends only, you're silenced, or you are under 13, please change these settings or provide alternate contact information. If we are unable to contact you, your request will get deleted.

Pet Lending Suspended

Hi all,

Pet lends/chains are being suspended until further notice. With all of the changes that have come about in the last little while with pet slots, transfer limits, and site access/security, we'll be doing some updating to our pet lending process and procedures. Anyone who has a current request in will need to resubmit once pet lending resumes. 


Item lends will be continuing as per usual. 

» on 15 January at 10:54 am NST by Emily
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Avatars and Beta

Recently, users have reported some issues obtaining avatars while on Beta pages. In the case of avatars that require you to have a certain item(s) in your inventory and refresh, a workaround that has worked for some people has been to view your inventory in Classic mode rather than Beta. This can be achieved by adding an  /x  at the end of the inventory URL (so you will be refreshing http://www.neopets.com/inventory.phtml/x).


Users who have been successful in obtaining their avatars in classic view indicate that you will not receive the regular notification on the page of receiving the avatar, but it will be awarded and located in the list in your Neoboard Preferences

Current avatars that this fix may work for are:

I Taunt the Pant Devil
I'm Smelly
Lawyerbot < 3 Usuki Avatar
Mad About Orange


» on 8 February at 4:07 pm NST by Emily
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Item Lends Temporarily Suspended

Due to some technical issues, item lends from the Avatar Lending Program are being suspended. If you've sent in a request before today, it will stay in the queue, so don't worry about losing your spot! 

The issue is now fixed!


» on 12 March at 10:31 am NST by Emily
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New Year Comes New Changes!

ALP has a short announcement for everyone wishing to join pet chains. Starting in 2019 were are increasing the post count minimum required to participate in the chains. We feel that getting to 25 posts is far to easy and often members only require those 25 posts to participate in the chains due to a high avatar account. This means we do not get as much forums interaction and we'd like to know who we're lending to a little bit better. This isn't a drastic increase, so don't worry! We're only raising the minimum posts required to 50 posts. Everything else will remain the same. Our goal is to ensure our pets are being lent out safely.

We at the ALP apologize for any inconvenience this may pose to you, but feel this is in the best interests of our program.

Happy Lending!

» on 24 December at 8:37 am NST by Mouseykins
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Newly Acquired Pets for Lending Chains!

Greetings Neopians,

Our ALP now has a Battle Pet available for lends. Our new battle-ready Jubjub was donated to us by a generous member of our community. If you wish to borrow our Battle Pet we are now taking requests starting for the month of November. The lending for this pet is different than our previous battle pet(s). Previously you were allowed to use the lab ray on our battle pet, this is no longer permitted as the pet was physically trained at the training schools around Neopia. You will need to provide your own weapons as normal, however, we have a few items in his set that can be sent to you for full collateral. More details to come on this as the appropriate collateral is worked out. If you choose to borrow the weapons from us as well, you are responsible and if something happens it is on you to replace the lost item(s) or we simply keep your collateral. Weapons in his set and the required collateral will be listed on his lending information page.


» Apply to Join This Chain «

Through a gracious donation, we are pleased to offer lends for the Tonu - Charge avatar. Requests for our brand new Tonu will be handled like any other pet chains. We are still in the process of testing how this avatar works, so things may change in the near future. Also, it is unclear if the current solution to unlocking this avatar is a glitch or if it will revert back to the previous method.


» Apply to Join This Chain «

Thank you both for your help in making these chains possible!

» on 7 October at 8:26 pm NST by Mouseykins
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Updated Collaterals


Just wanted to let everyone know that many of our collaterals for item lends have been updated to better reflect market value. A couple of the more expensive items (lookin' at you Chokato and ZDAP) have new, significantly lower collaterals, and quite a few other items have had their collaterals changed slightly to reflect the new deflated/inflated values.

Happy Borrowing!


» on 28 August at 6:21 pm NST by Emily
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SuAP Acquired and Collateral Question

Hey everyone!

One of our generous members has recently donated a Super Attack Pea to the lending program, meaning we are now able to offer every avatar item for lending (with the exception of the Usukis because they have a tendency to clog up trades).

As you may remember, we were having quite a bit if trouble last year with higher value items being accidentally lost by borrowers, to the point where I ended up having to replace our Bony Grarrl Club 4 times within a few months. As such, I felt I had no choice but to up the collaterals required for both the Club and the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) to the market value. This obviously meant that less people were able to borrow, but the items could be quickly and easily replaced should something happen.

Because you guys are the ones we want to have access to the items, and since you all help fund the program through donations to the ALP shop,it seems only fair that the community should have a say in the collateral amounts. There are two main options being considered:

  1. Keep the collateral amounts high, meaning less people are able to borrow, but the items can be easily replaced, so once you've saved up enough you can be sure they'll still be available to borrow.
  2. Lower collateral amounts to under market value, meaning more people will be able to borrow, but if something happens to the items, we won't be able to replace them and they won't be available for lending any longer.

Along with the actual NP amount required, I think imposing a strict account age restriction of 2-3 years is reasonable, meaning your account has to be at least 2-3 years old to qualify for a lend (feel free to comment what you think a reasonable account age would be if you think it should be something different)

The poll will close two weeks from today (on July 19th).

**Edit: it was just pointed out to me that the new limit on auctions is now 100 mil, so it WOULD be possible to collect full collat for the pea. The poll options have been updated accordingly**

» on 5 July at 1:03 pm NST by Emily
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Item Lends Back Up

After extensive testing with amounts ranging from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand NP, it looks like whatever glitch was happening with the trades is fixed and item lend will resume as normal!

» on 15 April at 8:58 am NST by Emily
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It appears that there is some kind of Trading Post glitch affecting my account at the moment (possibly others too). When someone offers their collateral on a trade, I accept it, but I only get the junk item they offered, not the NP. This means that when I offer their collat back, I have to use my own NP to pay back what they gave me. As such, lends are suspended until I figure out what the heck is going on, as I've already lost over 2 mil NP over a couple lends to the Trading Post literally swallowing money. A notice will be posted when item lends are back open.


» on 19 March at 2:26 pm NST by Emily
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Pet Lends Suspended for April!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that Pet Lending Chains will NOT be running in the month of April. Lends will continue as normal through the month of March and pick up again in May. At the beginning of April, I have some family matters to attend to and will not be able to give the lends my full attention. By the time I'm able to do the lends, it will be too late for April anyway.

Accepting applications for March until the 1st. Anything submitted after the 1st, will be handled in May. If you request a pet during this time and end up getting the avatar, please let me know so I can delete your request. Then you can send in a new request with the pet chains you wish to join.

Remember all communication is now done on the forums! Things are running much smoother this way.

Thank you for your understanding!

~Dawn ALP Pet Team

» on 22 February at 3:37 pm NST by Mouseykins
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