Super Attack Pea Requirements and Procedure

Since the Super Attack Pea is another high-value item, the lending requirements will be much the same as those for our Bony Grarrl Club and Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) lends. And as always, the final decision to lend will be at staff discretion.

  1. 85 Mil collateral
    As always, Easy to Sell items may be used as collateral, provided they fit into the 10 item + 2,000,000 NP limit of the Trading Post. When sending in your request, 85 mil is considered "full collateral" for this item.

  2. If you are looking for a lend and unable to provide full collateral, people will sometimes pop up on the Avatar Neoboards offering lends for "The Big Three" for reduced collateral, or even for free, so that's another option.


    There are also a couple things we strongly suggest, but cannot verify, so we have to trust that borrowers will be as careful as they can.

    • All Grarrls or Skeiths on the account you will be getting the avatar on should be in the NeoLodge before you get the item. The Lodge keeps your pet full so you can't feed them, and Grarrls and Skeiths are capable of eating almost every item. This ensures you cannot accidentally feed the item to a pet (we've lost items before this way).

    • Have your inventory as full as possible before acquiring the Card. If it's the only item in your inventory and an item-stealing Random Event occurs, it will be the only item targeted. If there's more in your inventory, there's less of a chance the item will be stolen.

    • Limit your site activity when the item is in your possession. Don't keep the item in your inventory while you explore Neopia, play games, or chat on the boards. Once you get the item, get your avatar and send the item back. The less pages you visit while things are in your possession, the less likely something is to happen.

    When you're ready to return the item, you need to consider other Neofriends you have that may try to bid on the item. The safest way to prevent something happening is to remove all friends from your account until after the auction is over, and then re-add them. You may also choose to inform active friends that you are returning a lend and ask them not to bid. If someone outbids the lender on the return auction, the borrower is responsible for getting the item back. If they are unable to, we keep the collateral for the lend and, needless to say, the borrower will no longer be eligible to participate in the Avatar Lending Program. Also, a bunch of people will probably be pretty mad at you for losing the item :P

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