Lending Chain Timetable

This page shows the status of the chains for the upcoming month. As we're lending thirteen pets every month now, we've decided to implement a rule that if a chain has less than five people in it we won't run it for that month.

Chains are listed as either PENDING, RUNNING or FULL. Pending means there is less than 5 people in the chain; running means the chain is set to go ahead; and full means the chain has enough people for the listed month. You may sign up for any chains listed here as either pending or running, but please keep in mind that the pending ones might not go ahead if they don't reach their required 5 people. If that is the case, you will be notified and invited to select another chain instead.

You may sign up for chains in the month listed here, or the following month.

Currently Showing the October 2021 Chains

"Draik - Hatched" & "Harris - Hi" & "Wocky - Snow Day" PENDING

"Ghost Krawk" & "Pink!" & "Mazzew" PENDING

"Coconut Jubjub" & "Snicklebeast" PENDING

"Werelupe" & "Mootix" PENDING

"Ruki - Mummified" PENDING

"Island Quiggle" & "Gruslen" PENDING

"Blumaroo - Fire" PENDING

"Grundo - Forever Orange" & "Slorg" PENDING

"Jetsam Chomp!" & "Quadrapus" PENDING

"Whee!" & "Wocky - Snow Day" PENDING

"Grey Wocky - *sigh*" & "Huggy" PENDING

"Tonu - Charge!" PENDING

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