The Avatar Lending Program, or ALP, is The Daily Neopets' signature lending service to help our members get new avatars! We currently lend almost all the item avatars, and are saving for a Bony Grarrl Club to add to our items-for-lending. On the pet front, we run chain lends for every pet, petpet, and petpetpet avatar :)

Get ahead and read over our policies, then request the item you wish!

ATTENTION — The ALP team would like to remind you to ensure we can contact you when you apply for a lend. If your inbox is full, your neomail is sent to Neofriends only, you're silenced, or you are under 13, please change these settings or provide alternate contact information. If we are unable to contact you, your request will get deleted.

Bony Grarrl Club Lends Back!

We have a new club!! You guys are freaking amazing!! <3


Once again, I'm finding myself needing to replace our Club for lending. A notice will be posted when it's available to be requested again.

» on 10 February at 9:46 am NST by Emily
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Reminder Regarding Pet Lends

Please be advised that all communication for these lends are done through the forums. This makes things easier for me to keep track of everything. You will no longer be getting Neomails. If you do not have a forums account you will automatically be rejected without notice.

Messages have gone out on the 1st. All replies are due on or before February 10th. Failure to reply will result in you not being able to participate in our pet chains for the month. If you miss the deadline, please submit a new request for the chains you wish to join. If all goes according to plan, messages will be going out on the first of the month with replies being due within 10 days. Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me a message!


» on 4 February at 12:44 am NST by Mouseykins
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Reminder for Applying for Item Lends

Just want to send out a quick reminder on a few things for when people are sending in requests for items from the ALP.

Firstly, please make sure you're only requesting one item at a time. This ensures that 1) Everyone who wants to borrow items will be able to in a timely fashion and 2) That if something happens (an account is hacked or frozen), we don't lose a bunch of items. We only send out one item per person at a time regardless of how many requests you send in at once, so by submitting multiple requests, you're bumping other people who requested the same item further down the queue and creating a backlog for the items. It's best to wait until you've returned one item before requesting another.

Secondly, if you aren't able to provide full collateral for an item and indicate that when applying, please also include what you ARE able to offer as collateral. By not doing so, it delays the lend as we need to track you down and find out this information before the lend can be set up.

Lastly, please try to make sure things are getting returned in a reasonable amount of time. I know some things can't be helped (internet outages, sickness, etc), but if you have a planned absence like a vacation or something, please either wait until you get back to request, or indicate in your request that you'll not be able to get online during that specific period so the lend can be set up when you get back instead. If I have to spend weeks tracking an item back down, all the other people who want to borrow it are forced to wait, or I end up having to re-buy a bunch of (usually expensive) items unnecessarily.


Here's a juggling Krawk for making it to the end:


» on 30 January at 1:31 pm NST by Emily
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More Changes to Pet Lending!

Due to some recent staff changes, we will no longer be able to provide the Krawk, Pink & Mazzew chain. We are working on replacing this chain as soon as we can. However, we will need to wait until the transfer glitch is fixed as our accounts are full with 4 pets and would be unable to do any transfers if we gained a 5th. Additionally, our Battle Pet will also be unavailable until we can find a replacement for it.


Taking a break!

We need your help and if you have a pet that we require listed that you would like to donate to our ALP we would appreciate:

  • An aged Mazzew that is 221+ days old - Top Priority!
  • A Pink Krawk
  • A Battle pet with decent stats and ability to beat the 6 Battledome avatars we lend this pet out for, preferably a lab pet, but not necessary.

Another change is that all communication regarding the lends will be done through the forums. The reason they were done through Neomails does not outweigh the fact that it can be a royal confusing mess. Utilizing our forums for this should help clear things up drastically. I'm going to go through apps tonight and start sending out messages. Once everyone has replied, or it's passed the 5-day wait I'll get chains scheduled as soon as possible. I apologize for the delay!

Messages have now been sent out! Please reply ASAP to get the chains going!

UPDATE: The pet transfers glitch we experienced last month has been fixed!

» on 11 December at 3:19 pm NST by Mouseykins
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URGENT: Pet Chains Notice

It has come to my attention that there is an error with the transfer of a Neopet if your account already has 4 pets or 5 for premium users. The transfer feature is not recognizing the added pet slot. I'd like to ask everyone in chains for this month to please follow the old system and have 3 pets for a regular account and 4 for a premium. If you cannot do this then please message me so I can rework the chains.

In addition there are delays with the Ruki and Fire Blumaroo chain of 1 day from your scheduled date.

My apologies for the inconvenience!


» on 16 November at 11:33 am NST by Mouseykins
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Changes to Pet Lending

With much consideration, our ALP team has made some changes to our program to better suit your needs.

  1. Chains will now be running every month. To cut down on the wait time for enough people to sign up for a chain we will be running the chain even if only 1 person is in it.
  2. Neomails will be going out between the 1st and 5th of each month to confirm your interest. If something changes let us know in the main ALP topic and we can remove your request.
  3. You will have 5 days to respond to the neomail. Failure to respond in this time period will result in you getting bumped to the next month.
  4. You will be neomailed a couple of days prior to your lend date and told who to sent the pet on to next. If you know you're in a chain, please try to check in daily so we can reduce delays.
  5. The Draik chain will now have fewer posts required on the forums, depending on your avatar account. However you will still need a minimum of 50 for this chain, regardless of avatar count.
  6. If you do not qualify for lends we will try to PM you on the forums.
  7. If we cannot find you on the forums, your request will be deleted, so please make sure you type in your info correctly.

Other things to remember:

  1. If something happens and you know you're going to be away for a few days please let us know so we can schedule accordingly. We understand things happen, so please let us know.
  2. If a delay occurs and we cannot reach you to find out what is going on, may result in you being banned from our pet lends. No one wants to see this happen!
  3. Please follow all forums rules the best you can. Spamming for post count will not be tolerated!

Neomails will be going out today and tomorrow, so please have replies in by the 11th.


UPDATE: Neomails have gone out and all responses MUST be in by the 11th! I will start scheduling the chains on the 12th. Additionally ALL requests have been deleted, so if you were not contacted, or a chain was missed in your Neomail, please submit a new request for December.

» on 5 November at 12:18 am NST by Mouseykins
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Ermergerd News!

We have another exciting announcement! A very generous TDN user has been kind enough to donate a Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) to the Avatar Lending Program! Because it's a high-value item, the lending rules and procedures will be much like those we have in place for the Bony Grarrl Club. For full information, see the full requirements on the ALP site here.


Yay I have a new home!

» on 11 July at 12:16 pm NST by Emily
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Super Awesome Fun Time News

Hey guys! Guess what?





We have a new Bony Grarrl Club for lending!

Due to the extreme deflation of the item, I was able to pool the ALP funds with some of my own and replace our club. We've now been able to finish replacing everything that was stolen last summer, so all items we have listed will be available for lending again. I'm still working on trying to get TNT to look at my ticket, but for now, lending can fully resume as per usual.

Because of the problem we ran into last time, I'm going to take a few extra precautions when lending the item this time (full details will be explained in the email we send when we're ready to set up the lend), but the basic requirements can still be found here. Because of the drastic deflation (the club is now worth about 20% of what we paid last time), requirements to borrow have also been loosened a bit, so if you didn't qualify before, check out what's changed and apply again!

» on 14 March at 6:11 am NST by Emily
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Avatar Lending Program Front Page Fixed

Hey everybody!

We apologize for the wonky appearance of the ALP front page since ~31 January. This had to do with our front page news export that is streamed from TDN Forums. We had to make some system changes.

Now... we're in tip-top shape. It's all fixed. Thanks much!


» on 2 February at 12:31 pm NST by Ian
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As some of you may remember, back in the summer, someone got into my account and took all of my high-end lending items, including the BGC.
Repeated attempts to contact TNT to try to resolve the issue have, so far, been ineffective. As such, I decided to reinvest and repurchase most of the items for lending. 
This also means that, while we were waiting for a response from TNT, we built up quite a backlog of requests. Rather than trying to track down every user that has made a request between June and now, as some have no doubt stopped playing or have already received the lend somewhere else, and further slowing down the queue, I've decided to purge the queue and we will restart filling requests. 
As such, I ask that if anyone requested an item BEFORE DECEMBER 9th, 2016 and still require that item, please submit a new request.
We are currently lending all of our available items, with the exception of the BGC which will remain out of commission until I can get a hold of TNT to try to look into what happened and how I might go about getting it back (I haven't stopped trying. I'm still messaging them once a week in the hopes that maybe they'll get sick of me and at least look at the ticket).
Thanks to all of you for being so patient as we try to sort the mess out, and I'm hoping we can get a bunch of you some long-awaited avatars!



» on 9 December at 5:59 pm NST by Emily
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