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"Battle Pet"

How to Obtain the Avatar(s):
There are six avatars that you can get with this pet (well, seven technically but you only get one of the Meerca Brothers avatars) and you get each one by defeating the appropriate opponent in the Battledome. Here is each avatar - linked to a guide if appropriate - that you could possibly get:

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Extra Information about Joining this Chain:
Lending for Matilde works differently than other chain lends. If you are interested in borrowing him, apply as normal and we will arrange the lend. This will likely not be in a traditional chain form. Standard requirements on your forums and Neopets accounts will still apply.

Also, since Matilde is a trained battle pet, you may not use the lab ray on him during his stay with you.

Please only request Matilde to use for getting the above avatars. Do not request him for use at the Obelisk skirmishes. Additionally, lends for this pet are unavailable during a plot involving the Battledome.

For More information on borrowing Matilde, please check out this helpful page before applying.

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